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spiralized beets and carrots with massaged kale and topped with sardines! Yummmmm...

spiralized beets and carrots with massaged kale and topped with sardines! Yummmmm…

We have come to absolutely LOVE this dynamic young entrepreneur who  ROCKS spiralizing.  Her story is inspiring, her contributions to healthy eating, and her wisdom in this blog is worth repeating.

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Food is the Best Medicine

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Food!  Glorious Food!  There’s always more delicious, nutritious, amazing offerings of nature to support our best health and vitality!  For a full page of Calley’s great tips for making the wisest choices for your glowing health, click HERE

Surprisingly, SALT is among those superfoods that our bodies cannot live without, AND, healthy salt is not just any salt.  For more information about the best uses and choices of salt, click HERE.   (With thanks to Jess, at Jen Reviews for sharing our posts as well.)

Welcome to a New Year of The Full Body Elixir.

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USING YOGA PRINCIPLES TO AWAKEN THE ARTIST WITHIN Simple guidelines for great success in drawing.

Seahorse progress

Click here to check out Calley’s progress on her latest RAMA EXHIBITION painting, currently in progress at Four Seasons Hualalai every Monday and Friday from morning til evening.

  1. Relax! Deep breathe.  Focus on the feelings in your body and open up a mantra.  My natural state is creativity.
  2. Start small, choosing a simple object to draw with your intention set to effortless ease, joyous play, and seeing clearly without thinking.
  3. Keep it simple. This is a simple pleasure. Simplicity is beauty.
  4. Format: Lift up your hands, put your thumbs together and make a hand square frame to size and shape the view.  It’s magic!
  5. Meditate.  Breathe deeply.  Quiet your mind.  Stay conscious with an upright alive tall and youthful posture. Come into the now.  Drawing is a healing meditation.  This is about enjoying what you see, not what you have heard drawing is.
  6. Begin to draw the basic structure very, very lightly. This is a key.  See the basic relationships, the underlying structure and the overall shapes and lay them in first to get a sense of the proportions.
  7. See, feel and draw the textures. Let your imagination flow into your arm and hand. It’s all texture.  Let joy flow to your heart and just play, letting the movement of your hand mimic the texture.
  8. Look at what you are drawing and not at your paper. Looking far to near strengthens your eyes.
  9. Deepen and darken your lines progressively only as they please you. Yes, I like that.  Then emphasize it.  This will create living lines that breathe.  Intention shows through!
  10. Let the details wait. Do that which you have time to do.  Have fun with them while you stay true to the foundational structure.  Balance chaos and control.  Release!
  11. Diligently pay attention so you can hear and weed out judgmental, fearful and critical thinking. Drawing is not a competition; it is a meditation on expressing YOUR OWN creativity and perception NOW.  Have fun with the practice.  You don’t have to be a camera.  Express yourself.
  12. Practice. Practice. Carry a recycled paper drawing pad wherever you go. Use a 5 (light) then a 7 (medium) and finish off with a 9 (bold) HB click pencil with renewable erasers. Enjoy seeing clearly.  Keep Relaxing
  13. Read Frederick Franck’s the Zen of Seeing and practice.
  14. Be present and develop confidence through mantras in English.
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Check out Calley’s Revised Reading and Movies List!


Check out this page for a list of Calley’s favorite books and movies!  Each one is linked to a source to find it, so you can stock up for summer reading and watching pleasure.  Just click the photo to the left for access to all her favorites.


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Microsoft Word - SUFFERING BEGINS.docx

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Why Hawaii is working to ban common BUT DEADLY sunscreens

turtle in coral

Click for Article/Video

BRAVO HAWAI’I, seeking to ban the DEADLY Oxybenzone sunscreens. (most chemical sunscreens)

Here’s the nutshell about oxybenzone in sunscreens:
1, that’s ONE, drop in 4 million gallons of water (that’s more than 6 Olympic sized pools of water) is DEADLY  to the zoozanthelae (the colored symbiotic single celled algae that gives coral its coral and its photosynthetic life.
Here’s the other key:  even if you don’t go in the ocean, when you shower here in Hawai’i, the stuff goes to wastewater treatment and ultimately, in to the ocean, where the oxybenzone levels are higher.  All it takes is a drop.
We may need more of our ALBA and other healthy mineral sunscreens, but is that not a teeny price to pay to save our dying coral reefs?
AND, why doesn’t anyone talk about the dangers of oxybenzone to humans.  A colleague of mine at the famed NEW ALCHEMY INSTITUTE. warned me about sunscreens in 1980, when she completed a master’s degree on the health of sunscreens for humans, and found only two that were not carcinogenic.  I’ve been using ALBA ever since.
It’s time all the hotels on the coasts take the lead in this important campaign so Hawai’i can lead the world in consciousness and legislation of products that harm our reefs.
Please dispose of yours safely and take the lead yourself to actively protect the reefs.

Me ke aloha,


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Mel Robbins and THE 5 SECOND RULE – must read on behalf of your dreams!


May 16, 2017

mqdefault.jpg      512oDrWj+jL._SX380_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg


One of the biggest, if not the biggest tragedies in life is how people become their own obstacle, constantly turn their backs on their own lives, shoot themselves in the foot, and behave in ways that run counter to their wishes, hopes, and dreams. I have long observed this and feel a great sense of excitement getting this piece from Mel Robbins. I know that practice in the body is the key…that changing the body changes the mind, and an active meditation is the best and most effective meditation for contemporary minds.

After listening to her book, THE 5 SECOND RULE, I am listening to whatever she has recorded, to bolster my life skills and understand the subconscious from another point of view. She speaks so that everyone can understand. The subconscious rules us whenever we are on auto pilot (habitual thoughts and patterns). When nobody is “home”, old patterns run the show.

The missing link that Mel Robbins filled in for me is this: We are making tiny decisions all day long that add up to create our lives. Drawing from neuroscientist Damasio, 95% of the time these decisions are based on how we feel at the moment. And we never feel like doing anything that’s change, or challenging, or we perceive as hard, and we never will, she proclaims. It’s true. The subconscious keeps the status quo at all cost. There is a window between receiving inspiration and action that lasts a few seconds, during which time, we can find a thousand reasons why we are unable to do that which we are longing to do. Thus, we don’t move in everyday courage.

So, on behalf of your dreams, your soul mission, and your greatness, please invite the whole family and listen to this interview. Listen to her book in her voice. She has earned my respect, for this is a woman on the path to help as many people as she possibly can as fast as 5 4 3 2 1 GO. It’s a really significant simple action and tool for life.

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